About Us

Our mission

In nature, nothing exists on its own. The same applies to the business world. Whether you are a big corporation or a small enterprise, embracing professional collaborations and broadening your mind are absolutely critical in achieving your business goals. 

From our diverse background and experience, we understand what hidden challenges business owners face on a daily basis without noticing until it gets critical. You might be surprised but, in so many cases, view and advice from external experts prove to be an invaluable help to business owners who struggle to keep up with workload. 

It is our mission to help clients learn how to navigate among thousands of challenges and improve financial performance of their businesses, which in turn will lead to further growth of great companies and prosperity of our society. 


“Non of us is as smart as all of us” – Kenneth Blanchard

Management Team

Alexander Padhaiski a.padhaiski@alta.partners


Alex is a serial entrepreneur with experience in banking, retail, manufacturing and IT. Having such a broad experience empowers Alex’s out of box thinking allowing him to come up with the most innovative solutions. 

Talgat Takiyev t.takiyev@alta.partners


Talgat is an expert in corporate finance and performance management. He has strong technical skills in financial modelling and analysis, gained from hands-on experience in leading teams executing multimillion dollar transactions across the US and UK. 

Angelica Phillips a.phillips@alta.partners


Angelica is an English qualified London based corporate lawyer. Angelica specialises in merger and acquisition, public and private fund raising, and corporate restructuring.

Four Core Principles


Independence and neat organisational structure allow ALTA partners to respond punctually to ever cha

Independence and neat organisational structure allow ALTA partners to respond punctually to ever changing market environments, providing customers with the most relevant solutions.



Our team accumulates knowledge from various business settings allowing Alta Partners to employ that experience to come up with the most innovative and effective solutions



We use an agile approach to project and change management ensuring efficient service delivery with no interruption to customer’s operations



Our business views and mentality are not constrained by geography thanks to our international experience