What we offer

Core Service

On-Demand CFO service is designed for Small and Medium Enterprises that generate between £10 and £30 million in annual sales, where things are starting to get out of the control but the company is still not committed to hire a full time Chief Financial Officer either due to cost involved or lack of understanding that one is needed in the company yet. With this service customer will in the nutshell outsource key CFO functions to us to help business owners on things they do the best. 

ALTA Partners is committed to add-on value to their customers, which is why our core service focuses on getting to know customer operations and nature of business so that we can provide the best piece of financial advise. Our Services Breakdown below elaborates on some the aspect of the work that our customers receive.

Value Proposition

As part of our services we are committed to add value to our customers. We appreciate that your time is the most valuable asset and here are just some of the things you will benefit from if you become our customer:

  • Increase Net Profit margin
  • Reduce unnecessary expenses
  • Control your financial positioning
  • Save your time

Services Breakdown

Working Capital Optimisation


  Working capital is an important measure of a company’s liquidity and can be managed through 3 areas of the business: accounts receivables, accounts payable and inventory levels. When tied up in working capital, cash is trapped and cannot be used for investments. It is essential to optimise working capital to ensure organisation meets its liquidity needs.



 Creating and following a budget is an integral part of running a business efficiently. Budgeting for companies serves as a plan of action for managers as well as a point of comparison at a period's end. It is a tool to make sure business owners can achieve their goals. 

Profit and Loss Analysis


 The profit & loss account provides information about an enterprise's income and expenses, which result in net profit or loss. It helps a businessman to evaluate the performance of an enterprise and provides a basis for forecasting future performance. It also provides valuable information required by a bankers and new investors. 

Leverage Optimisation


  Leverage is an investment strategy of using borrowed money—specifically, the use of various financial instruments or borrowed capital—to increase the potential return of an investment. Businesses must be very careful using leverage because it can also add additional risks. 

Cash Flow Analysis


  The cash flow report and analysis is paramount because it informs the business owner of the business cash position. For a business to be successful, it must have sufficient cash at all times. 

Financial Strategy


Financial strategy is an integral part to any organisation's strategic plan. It sets out how the organisation plans to finance its overall operations to meet its objectives now and in the future. It summarises KPIs , and the actions to be taken over a three to five year period to achieve the targets.

First Consultation

We appreciate the fact that it all may sound complicated or you might be unsure whether or not we are the right fit for your business. We get that and we are committed to make that first crucial step, which is why we will be more than happy to give you first consultation session for free. Just pick the time that is right for you and we will get on the conference call.